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Our Differences

Our Differences Are Beautiful

As human beings, there is a lot that we can do. In the same manner, there is also a lot that we cannot do. This is because we are flawed. While some of us understand that our flaws are what us what we are, for some the fact they are flawed tends to bring them...

Gambling Superstitions

Top Gambling Superstitions

As gamblers in general, be it online gamblers or gamblers who play at land-based casinos, there are certain things we tend to believe. These we believe can give us both good and bad luck. Moreover, today we are focussing on the top gambling superstitions. However, with superstitions, one cannot really tell if they are true...

Being an Employee

The good and bad of Working Being An Employee

¾ of the world’s population work for someone else. While the other ¼ has people working for them. That is why have so many people looking for jobs. For some, it is their dream to work someone while for others they had to do because they had no other choice. Being an employee has its...