Top Gambling Superstitions

Gambling Superstitions

As gamblers in general, be it online gamblers or gamblers who play at land-based casinos, there are certain things we tend to believe. These we believe can give us both good and bad luck. Moreover, today we are focussing on the top gambling superstitions. However, with superstitions, one cannot really tell if they are true or not. Or maybe it just game of the mind.

Gambling Superstitions

Most gamblers believe that the number 13 is unlucky. Therefore, one would find that a number of gamblers tend to disassociate themselves with the number. So much that even when they place real, money bets, they do bet on the number 13.
While people believe that the number 13 is bad luck, there are also numbers that are believed to be lucky. One of the lucky numbers in gambling is number 8. That is why there are many online slots that revolve around the number 8. Some of these slots include Lucky 8. Players can enjoy these great slots at Punt Casino.

Gambling Superstitions
Gambling Superstitions

Kenny Rogers sang a song that is very popular among real money gamblers. The title of the song being the Gambler. In this song is one of the most common gambling superstitions, never count your money while sitting at the table.
Another of the common gambling superstitions is that one is not supposed to have sex before gambling. Though we are not quite sure why this is so. Maybe by having intercourse you just might lose all your luck and charm.
Being dealt a whole bunch of black cards in a row is also among the gambling superstitions. Despite the fact that these might give you a Royal Flush. Many believe that a bunch of black cards in a row means that a family member will die.

Are they True?

When it comes to superstition, be it in gambling or otherwise no one can tell if they are true or not. Maybe the best way to test them is ypu actually play the games with one of the gambling superstitions in your mind.

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