How to Chase and Save Your Bankroll

Save Your Bankroll

Playing real money online casino games means that you need to have real money. And most of the time, though we may have put this money aside, it hurts when we lose it after a few rounds. That is why we are looking a few ways that you can chase after your bankroll and save it at the same time.

Save Your Bankroll
Save Your Bankroll

Change the Game

Chasing losses is something that all gamblers have a weakness of doing. We advise that if you are to do at least have a plan. We know that it is sometimes hard to fight the urge to chase after R100 bet that you have lots to a game of online blackjack. The best way that you chase after your losses and save your bankroll at the same time so to change the game that you applying. Let us say that you have been losing at online blackjack the whole night. Try changing the game too online roulette or online baccarat and even online slots. You will see that you will start winning. That way you are chasing your loses but at the same time saving your bankroll.

Double or Nothing

As you can tell by the name of this strategy, its either you win it all or you lose it all. The double or nothing strategy is also a way that you can chase your losses while still conserving your bankroll. What you need to do however when using this strategy is bear in mind that you may lose it all or win it all. On the first round, you may place a bet of R10, and if you lose, you lose R10, however, if you do win, you win R20. That is why we said, its either you are all in or all out.

Segregate your bankroll

Saving the best for last has always been something that most people are fond of. That is why we saved this method for last. Segregating your bankroll is probably one of the best ways that you chase loses while saving your bankroll. All that you have to do is divide your gambling funds into two. It can be half or whichever ratio that you chose, and then next you use half of the money for chasing your losses and the other half for regular gambling activities.