The good and bad of Working Being An Employee

Being an Employee

¾ of the world’s population work for someone else. While the other ¼ has people working for them. That is why have so many people looking for jobs. For some, it is their dream to work someone while for others they had to do because they had no other choice. Being an employee has its good and its bad.

The Good….

You are paid: One of the best parts that come with being an employee is pay day. This means know that at the end of the day you will get paid. You may be paid hourly, daily, weekly, fortnightly or monthly. But at the end of the day, you know that you will get paid.
Experience: Working for someone else also means that you will get some experience. You get to learn from your colleagues as well as from your superiors. By learning and gaining experience, you get to open up doors for yourself and be a better person.

The Bad….

Being an Employee
Being an Employee

People: One of the most annoying parts about being an employee is that you have to deal with your colleagues. Don’t get us wrong, some people are great, but others not so much.
No Flexibility: the other bad part about working for someone is that you are not free. You can’t say certain things in the work environment for fear of being fired. You cant even be yourself at times because you are scared that it will be in the same lines with the work environment.

What next then?

Well, if you feel that you can’t work for someone, you have a few options. You can quit, you can bear it out or you can just start your own company. As you make these choices, just chill and play a few real money online casino games, they just might help.