2018, Lights Out People To An Eventful Year

Picture of black panther poster

It’s about to be Lights Out, People. The year is now taking its last breath. 2018, is finally about to walk out of our lives forever. As it does, let’s look back to a few that made this year hilarious.

2018 Highlights

Zuma Resigns

The year began with an unexpected turn out of events as the former president Jacob Zuma resigned. This was in February. We should have seen at that time, that the year would be exciting. In addition, it surely was.

Polony tried to kill us

2018 has been one exciting year. To think in March this year polony tried to kill us. The listeriosis outbreak took us all by surprise. We have no idea why our dear tasty polony would want to do that to us. We mean polony has been there since day one and in 2018 kit just tried to end us all.

Picture of black panther posterBlack Panther wave

It was crazy this year when Black Panther was released. We think that of the movies this one got the most hype. Not only in Mzansi but also all over the world. The movie was released in May and it is still trending.  What we liked the most was that the movie managed to bring out a completely new side to Africa. In addition, yes, we heard Wololo in one of the scenes of the movie.

The World Cup

We can’t forget about the FIFA World Cup that as held this year. However, it does feel like it was so long ago. The World Cup was another event that had people with so many mixed feelings. There was first the excitement that five African Countries had qualified, but they were knocked out. Then there was that goal by Cristiano Ronaldo. In addition, let’s not forget that the final had Croatia and Brazil. A most unexpected turnout of events.

Wrap Up

It is a wrap ladies and gentleman. We will see you all next year.