2019 Smartphones Trends to keep on Eye On

Picture with 2 foldable phones

We all know that time waits for no man, well the same goes for technology. There is so much that changes in the world of technology. That is why today, we will cover the 2019 smartphones trends. That way you know which device to get and which device not to get.

Smartphone Trends

Foldable PhonesPicture with 2 foldable phones

In 2019 be on the lookout for foldable phones. Some of the major leading developers who are set to release these foldable phones include Samsung; Apple; Huawei; LG and Motorola. The first we are all accustomed to, but when was the last time you saw a Motorola. Anyways, since we know that they are set to release foldable phones we cannot wait to see how well they fare with us playing online casino games on them.


While most of us are stuck between 3G and 4G, 5G is coming soon. This smartphone trend will bring with it faster speeds and better coverage with ultra-low latencies. As we said, we place our benchmark on how well we can play online casino games on them. Therefore, if the faster speeds mean faster loading time for the games, we are totally behind them.


Apart from the love of online casino games, we love our cameras. It seems as though 2019 heard our plea, as the multi-camera phone will set the trend for the year. We know that we had dual cameras, but a little more will not kill us, that is more ways to capture moments. The Nokia 9 will gladly host 5 cameras for us to enjoy. We cannot wait to play with them all.

Other Smartphones to Watch For

These are not the only smartphones trends that will rock 2019. There is expected to be the punch whole display; in-display fingerprint sensor; TOF 3D cameras; dual display phones to mention but a few. These are the trends that we know about, imagine the hidden surprises.