What makes a Good Person?

are you a good person

It’s about to be the end of the year and a little self-introspection never killed anyone. That is why today, we have a question for you, are you a good person. If you do not know, we have the perfect checklist to help you see if you are a good person or not.

are you a good person
Good Person

Are you a Good Person?

There is so much that makes a good person. We will look at the major characteristics that are attributed to good people. If you are part of those good people, do stay good, we need more good people in the world.
Honest: To be termed as a person who is good, one has to be honest in all that they do. Be it in their relationships or in their finances. They will make sure transparency is something that is in their bloodline.
Compliment: These days it is so hard to get a compliment from anyone. We are so busy minding our own business. A good person, will, however, make sure to dish out the compliments where they are deserved.
Polite: They know the basics, Good Morning, Excuse me. A good person knows their manners and does not hesitate to use them.
Do More: A good person will always do more than is expected of them. We guess that is why they are so few of them in the world.
Optimists: Things may be hard in the world, but a good person will always see the silver lining in every cloud. They will always make the best and see the best in every moment that they face, no matter how dire it may seem.
Appreciate: They will always remember to say thank you and appreciate everything that comes their way.
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