Fun Facts about December Babies

a December babies body suit

It has already begun; the “Keep Calm It’s My Birthday Month” posts have already flooded social media. We don’t blame them, who would not want to be in the most exciting month of the year? Though we do have to warn you, since we are saving for Christmas we might does not mean we are able to celebrate your birthdays. That does not mean that we will not give you some fun facts about December babies though.

December Baby Facts

a December babies body suit
December Babies

They live longer: A study published some years back shows that December babies are more likely to live longer. They may have their birthdays at the end of the year, but on the plus side, they will have a lot of them.
Morning People: December babies are said to be morning people. We are not sure if that is a good or bad thing though.
Share their Birthdays with Celebs: December is the birth month for some of the most talented celebrities in the world. The link of Taylor Swift; Brad Pitt; Denzel Washington; Jay-Z; Tiger Woods are but a few of the celebs born in the month of December.
Less Irritable: These are the people that you want to go out this season. December babies are less likely to be throwing any tantrums or have any mood swings. Therefore meaning that if you go out with them, you are bound to have a good time.
They feel like their birthdays are forgotten: Most of December feels like we forget their birthdays. This may be because of all the other things that are going in in the month. Hence, to all the December babies who play at Punt casino, “Happy Birthday”.
Naturally Intelligent: Recent studies have shown that people born in December are naturally intelligent. Maybe it is something in the number 12 that makes geniuses.
Born Leaders: People born in December grow up to be great leaders. As we said, it is definitely something about the number 12.