Android Pie, The Latest Update from Google

Android Pie Software

If you are an Android lover then you will be pleased to know that there is a new software in the house. And that software’s name is Android Pie or Android 9. Because Punt Casino is a casino that leads in everything, let us introduce you to Android Pie from Google.

Android Pie SoftwareWhat’s New in Android Pie?

Google has always been keen on making sure that those who use their software’s get the best out of them. This is also true for Android Pie. The latest software update from Google comes with some red hot features.

Bluetooth Speaker Bash

Android Pie allows users to connect their smartphone on up to 5 different speakers. So if you were looking for a nice but loud surround sound, then you are going to love this. With this functionality, the smartphone can easily switch between these Bluetooth speakers seamlessly. And to add to that, your phone remembers all the volume requirements for each speaker.

New Auto Rotate Feature

If you hate the aspect of always going to switch between landscape and portrait then Android P has the solution for you. Google has introduced in the latest software a little something to make our lives easier. With Android P when you open an app that needs you to rotate the screen, a little “rotate” icon will appear at the edge of the screen.  Tap it and it will rotate the screen, and tap it to return the screen to its normal orientation. Cool right?

Great Graphics Too?

With such a new and amazing software the game graphics are now totally out of this world. Since Android Pie is out on the market, we can’t wait to try it with our favourite online games like online baccarat, online blackjack and not forgetting our beloved online slots.