Tips on How to Manage your Bankroll

how to mange your casino bankroll

For any person to be successful there must be an aspect of management. For business people what needs to be mastered is the art of finance and time management. While for gamblers, the art of money management or as we gamblers call, bankroll management.

How to Manage Your Bankroll

The first thing to note is that your real money is at stake. Always keep in mind every Rand you bet is your money. Furthermore, you have earned through your sweat.
One of the best ways to manage your bankroll as you play is by playing the money that you have won. As you play, after a win or two make sure that you are no longer using the money you had brought with you. The money you would have won will start doing the magic for you. This sounds like a good deal but at the same, you need to pat yourself on the back because the money becomes yours and not the casinos.

how to mange your casino bankroll
Bankroll Management

Types of Betting for Bankroll Management

Flat Betting

The other trick that can help you manage your money well is to use flat betting. Flat betting is when you keep betting the same amount, for example, if you bet R50 then make sure you keep betting the same amount of money. This is wise for when you lose you know you are losing an affordable amount. At Punt, you are always reminded of this betting trick because you are more valuable.

Progressive Betting

Progressive betting is also another smart move. This is when you raise your initial betting amount based on whetheryou are winning or losing. If your target were to win just by a small amount then it would be wise to increase the bet after losing. The same applies for winning; you can increase the size of your after winning. Punt Casino values gamblers so these are the kind of advice you will get.