Beating the Summer Heat

Beating the Heat

The scorching Mzansi heat can be hard on our bodies and our moods. You shouldn’t, however, let the high temperatures get you down. These beating the summer heat tips below will help you keep cool.

Beating the Heat
Beating the Heat

Drink More Water

It is very important to stay hydrated all year round, even in winter. When you exercise or are just hot and you sweat a lot, you lose a lot of water from the body. That is why drinking enough water is very important.
Water not only keeps you hydrated, it keeps you cool too. There are other options but water is free and easily accessible. Refill your glass from time to time to keep cool. Besides one of the best ways that you can beat the summer heat is by cooling down with some water.

Wear Breathable Clothes

Breathable clothing materials such as cotton are ideal in summer. This is especially if you’re going to be spending a lot of time in the sun. Put on clothes that are not tight and are made from breathable material. You will be surprised at the effect.

Optimize Your Fans

Window Fan
Window Fan

Many do not know that facing your fan out, your room becomes cooler. Open your window and put your fan facing outside, the effect is amazing. If you have a ceiling fan, you must run it counter-clockwise for optimum cooling.

Keep Your Food Cool and Avoid Using the Oven

Some foods and drinks are not enjoyable at all when heated by the sun. You can make an evaporative cooler for your food and drinks with just 2 containers. You can also create ice blocks for your coolers using old milk cartons. Also, consider making cold soups or try no-cook or oven-free recipes.

Optimize Your Windows

Close your windows to keep the sun out during the day and only open them at night. This is when the sun is down. Also, you can hang a damp towel in front of the window. This cools the air flowing into your home.

Cool Your Car Down Quickly

This trick works! Simply roll down one window. Next, open and close the opposite door for a few times to cool the car down. By doing this, all the summer heat that has been boiling up your car turns into a cool summer breeze.

Know Your Body’s Best Cooling Points

You must know your body’s cooling points e.g. your wrist or neck. Apply ice cubes wrapped in a towel to these points. You will cool down more quickly.