Being Indifferent: A Blessing or a Curse?

Being Indifferent

By definition, being indifferent means to be emotionless, and not care about who what is around you. This can be a good thing, while others also think that it is a bad thing. Many however feel that indifference is one of the scariest attitudes of all.

The Good About Being indifferent

Being indifferent also means that you are not bothered that much by people. While others worry about what Jack and Jill think about them, you are not moved at all. This means that you can easily ignore people’s opinions of you.

Being Indifferent
Being Indifferent

Another good part about being indifferent means that you are able to focus on you and what you believe in. This is what people say does not affect you at all. It also means that you are strong enough to take on what life throws at you head on.

The Bad About Being Indifferent

As we have said,  indifference is both a blessing and a curse. The bad part about indifference is not caring. Because you are indifferent and emotionless means that you no longer care. Moreover, not caring can do so much damage to the soul.
Another bad thing that comes with this feeling is that you are emotionless. In addition, this means that to your life has lost its meaning. This can be very dangerous as it can lead to depression, which in turn can lead to suicide.

The Verdict?

The question still stands at the end of the day, is being indifferent a good or a bad thing? Martin Luther once said, “Our lives begin to end when we become silent about things that matter.” Therefore, the choice is now up to you, if you should be indifferent or not.  What do know is that you can win millions by playing real money online casino games at Punt Casino.