3 Best Places to Visit in December

phuket thailand the best places to visit in December

Hooray Christmas is here! It’s holiday season once again and there is no better way to celebrate than to travel. Travelling allows you the chance to just get away from it all. Also, it’s a really great way to relax. Furthermore, it allows you the chance to be with family and friends, thereby bonding in the process. So, what are the best places to visit in December? Well, it differs with each individual. Some love pretty snowscapes. Others enjoy the sand beaches while others enjoy the countryside. One thing’s for sure though, whatever choice you make, the getaway will be greatly appreciated.

3 Best Places to Travel to in December

We have compiled a short list of the 3 best places to travel in December. We hope it helps you decide where you want to go especially after winning that online casino jackpot.

St Barth’s, Caribbean

This island is a perfect sunny paradise. It has some of the best restaurants and hotels. Also, we won’t forget to mention the perfect beaches as well as the villas. Here, you will come across the famous, the rich and the beautiful.

Zermatt, Swiss Alps

Wouldn’t you love to spend Christmas in snowy mountain scenery? This place is just perfect. There are pretty villages, twinkling trees and horse-drawn sleighs. Oh, did we mention the snow-sure slopes that are available all year round? Because of this, Switzerland is one of the world’s top ski destinations.

Phuket, Thailandphuket thailand the best places to visit in December

This happens to be a very popular island in the Andaman. It features rainforests, mountains and white sand beaches. Not only that, the island is home to a wide range of hotels as well as a crazy nightlife. You can expect some water sports, scuba diving and snorkelling. There are some boats that take people to other smaller islands that are nearby. There, you will find some caves, cliffs and karsts. Everyone can find a perfect spot for swimming and sunning. There are also beautiful villas that feature some private pools, as well as open-air bathtubs.