Comparison: Is it a Good Thing or Not?

Comparison, is it okay to compare people

Comparison is something that works very well if you are looking for the best between two online casino games. However, when it comes to people, that is a very different story. This is as most people do like being compared to another person. Be it to fellow colleagues, relatives or siblings. People tend to get frustrated when compared to others. However, this does not mean that people will stop with the comparison. In fact, they will continue to do it, and here are some reasons why.

Why People Compare Each Other


In most cases when someone compares you to another person, they want to encourage you. They want to show you that the task is not impossible. By comparing you to someone who has once completed that task, they want to show you that you can do the task if you put your mind to it.

The Want to Push You

Comparison, is it okay to compare people

Another reason why people would compare you another person is so that they can push you to be a better person. They want to show you that the things that you are doping are not right and they want to put you on the right path. As a result, they will inevitably compare to someone who was once like you and has now turned their life around.

Does this always Work?

People react differently to certain treatments. While comparison for some may work and be a driving factor, for others this will totally bring them down. This is as they will feel that they are inadequate. Therefore, if you do want to compare to someone to anyone else you need to know that person well enough. This is as your words may do you more harm than good. This is especially true for large companies and for families with more than one child. Despite the fact that people say that sticks and stones may break their bones and words will hurt, some words do leave a scar and will not be forgotten. Therefore, we do advise you to watch the words that you use when you want to compare people to each other.