Do Women Gamble the Same way as Men?

ladies gambling

Gambling has always been seen as something that is done by men. However, this is not true as women gamble too. Statistics show that women in South Africa gamble as much as men do.

The Way Women Gamble

ladies gambling

Less Money

Women are more reserved gamblers. Reserved in the sense that their bets are slightly less than their male counterparts. Women are a bit reluctant to place large wagers on the table as compared to men, this is because they are not confident in their winning chances. So, even when they have a bankroll, it is way less than a man’s.


Women are also way more careful than men when it comes to gambling. They do not take any risks when it comes to the bet. Even when they do win, they do not increase their bet size, rather they maintain it. Also, it is also very common for women to leave the site as soon as they cash out the win.

Time of  Play

Men tend to gamble at every given moment that they get, especially when it comes to online gambling. Women, on the other hand, tend to gamble during their free time. For a lady to gamble, she has to have completely taken care of her responsibilites. Furthermore, women avoid gambling in the middle of events like weddings or casual ceremonies. Whereas for men, if the wedding is boring, they log on and try their luck.

Games Played

Games that are played by both sexes are generally the same. However, women prefer online slots to online card games like online poker and online baccarat. This is because the online slots are generally easier to play as compared to the online card games, that even the male counter find challenging from time to time.

The Answer…

So do women gamble the same way as men? the answer to that would be a no! That, however, does not mean women do not have fun gambling. They still do enjoy the gamble as much as men do and they also aim to win the massive Jackpot prizes.