'Empire' Season 5 Spoiler Alert

Picture with Empire Season 5 actors and chess board

Empire Season 5 Episode 1 Recap

Have you watched the Empire season 5 premiere of on Fox yet? Are you a smidge confused about what-the-what just happened and when? Well, wonder no more. Let’s recap.
The season kicks off with a funeral, a new relationship and an award’s ceremony. There’s also a murder and a recovery. So, now we know that it’s Hakeem Lyon who got shot at the end of Season 4. Also, Anika is dead for real. For his part in that incident, Andre Lyon took a plea deal to go to jail for 2 years. Jamal just got back from overseas also.
Picture with Empire Season 5 actors and chess boardThe episode starts with a tearful Lucious patting a coffin but we don’t see who is in the coffin. This scene is 6 months into the future and the whole episode is a series of flashbacks.
Lucious talks to Cookie. They are both sweaty because they can’t afford to fix the air conditioner. The maid hasn’t been paid and their paintings are being sold off because they are broke.
Lucious is editing some video content of Hakeem and Tiana. He reminds Cookie that they have footage worth millions if released online and sold. They are saying no to being celebrity judges on a reality show at the same time.
Jamal phones from London to congratulate them on their 2 year wedding anniversary. He says that he just signed a rapper out of Dakar. Jamal says he doesn’t want to sue Empire or be released from his Empire contract. Actually, they are plotting to take Empire. The icing on the cake is the information that Andre is to get from his contact inside the jail.

Empire Season 5 Summary

Andre got arrested for aiding Anika to fall over the glass barrier which led to her death. In there, Andre is about to shake Steve down for some very important information.
Giselle is having sex in her office with some guy. She mentions that she only remarried Eddie for temporary sanity.
Giselle and Becky announce to the staff that the company is making mega profits. They talk about the awards nomination for Hakeem and Tiana’s song Ibiza. Cookie and Lucious will be present. The increased security gives them assurance that all work out fine.
Blake’s dad shot Hakeem in the midsection. He takes out one lung and that impacts the rapper as he tries to perform. Blake grabs the gun from his father and more bullets ring out.
There is flash forward of Tiana and Hakeem in their apartment, with 2…
The Barkers announce their resignation. We didn’t see that coming.
That’s all we’re giving out. You’ve got to watch it to get all the details.