Family Gambling Games You Can Enjoy

Family Gambling Games to enjoy

A long weekend is up ahead, and it very vital that you spend some time with your family. This is as during the week we are tired from work. Therefore, this weekend gives you the best time to spend some time with the children and catch up on the week. That is why we have a few family gambling games that you play as you do.

Family Gambling Games

Family Gambling Games to enjoy
Family Gambling Games


This is a very simple game that you can enjoy with the family. To play this game, you will need a deck of cards. All you have to do is to shuffle the cards and give each player a single card. The player with the highest card wins.   As simple as that. If there is a tie, the two go to war to see who wins.

3 Card Monte

3 Card Monte is very fun that you can enjoy as a family. This is despite the fact, the game is usually used by people to scam the money out of them. What happens in the game is that the dealer mixes 3 cards face down. One of which is usually the queen and the other two can be any other cards. Then the family can place a bet where they think the card will be. The dealer will mix them up to try and mislead onlookers in a number of ways. When they are done, you can then guess where the queen, if you win, you keep your bet, but if you lose, then the dealer keeps it.

Cut for High Card

This is also another very simple game that you can enjoy with the family. What you will need is one deck of cards. One of the family members will volunteer to shuffle the deck. Then each of the family will take turns to split the deck in half. The one who splits the deck and the top card has the highest value wins.

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