Betting During the FIFA World Cup

picture of world cup winners

Ladies and gentleman, the FIFA world cup has finally begun. There are 6 groups, 32 teams and 64 matches lined up for the month of June. It will be hectic trying to catch all the matches but we are sure it will be worth it. Tears of joy and sorrow will be shed during this time as some teams will progress to the finals and others bid the World Cup adieu.

picture of world cup winners


Looking back at the World Cup history, 8 of the 12 teams that have ever made it to the finals are present at the 2018 tournament. Those teams are Uruguay, Argentina, Brazil, Germany, Sweden, England, France and Spain. Teams that did not qualify this time around are Italy, Czechoslovakia, Hungary, and the Netherlands.


The past winners of the world cup have been spread evenly among the 6 groups. This adds some excitement to the games and makes them a bit less predictable. In group A and D are Uruguay and Argentina who have won the world cup twice each. Groups B, C and G have Spain, France and England respectively. These teams have only ever claimed the title once each. Group F has Germany which has won the championship 4 times. Brazil, in group E and has won the trophy 5 times.

Betting Odds

Looking at the past winners of the World Cup, it seems like history does repeat itself every now and again. The problem would be predicting how this happens. Placing a bet is always a gamble as it is hard to tell the outcome. However, that will not stop people from placing the bet anyway. So the big question of the day is which team will you place the bet on? Will you stick to history and hope that it repeats itself or will you take a whole new route?
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