France vs Croatia- It’s On!

croatia vs france

Ladies and gentleman, tonight is the night of the final World Cup game. We have been waiting for this game since the 14th of June. And now we have to wait and see which of the two teams will be walking away with the Cup.

Betting Odd’s

One cannot pass the chance to place a bet on such a phenomenal game. By now, the bets are set. We hope that you set the bet on the right team. If not, there will weeping and gnashing of teeth at the end of the game. Just putting it out there, these games are so unpredictable, so be warned.


For France, winning the World Cup will be a historical moment. This is because it has been 2 decades since they held the cup. France last won the cup in 1998 when the tournament was played on home soil. It was during this match that le Bleus defeated Brazil 3-0. From then on, they have only ever managed to make it up to the semi and quarterfinals.  We can only imagine how much this game means to them.croatia vs france


The name Croatia is not a very popular name in the world of FIFA football. Apart from this year where they actually made it to the semi-finals, people did not care much for Croatia.  Before this year, Croatia had appeared 4 times in the World Cup, with 2018 being their 5th time. This is all after gaining independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. And so far, this year is the best that they have played, making it to the final. So for Croatia to win the cup would absolutely phenomenal. They would be counted among the soccer gurus in the world.


For whichever team that you are supporting, Punt wishes you all the best. After all the dust settles down, you will log in to your favourite casino and spin the reels. So from South Africa’s top online casino, we say, May the best team win.