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Fun Facts About Gold

To welcome to the month of October we are going to talk about wonderful world of gold! You must know by now that gold is a precious metal. It’s been desired by people from all over the world throughout history ever since its first discovery. Just for fun, we are listing a few top fun facts about gold.

Top Fun Facts about Gold

Top Fun Facts about Gold
Gold Bars

The price of gold

Buying gold can set you back anything from R570 for 1g of 99.95% pure gold.  You will have to part with R572,000 for a a kilogram of 99.95% pure gold.

Gold doesn’t age

Gold is a noble metal; it’s not corrupted by other things. Gold never tarnishes.

Where did it come from historically?

The existence of gold has been known for about 5,500 years. It was found in its natural state in streams the world over as shining, yellow nuggets. Now that’s a precious currency!

Gold has its own fingerprint

Gold has a fingerprint. Yes, you read right! It’s possible to identify it or trace it back to its original mine. You just have to know the combination of elements.

It’s impossible to trace gold back to its original source

Gold Bars

Gold has an air of mystery to it. During the mining process, gold is mixed with other metals before being cast. Because of this, you can’t trace it back to its original mining source.

The number one nationality buying gold

The number one country that is buying gold is China. Its purchases are up by 6% of all the gold so far in 2018.

You can test gold with acid

This test is very simple and effective. However, we recommend not using this test on gold that you will sell for aesthetic value (gold jewellery). Simply drop 1 or 2 drops of hydrochloric acid, sulphuric acid or nitric acid onto the gold item. Zero reaction means you are handling the real deal. A reaction means the item is likely gold-plated or contains a small quantity of gold.

You can test gold with a magnet

Gold is non-magnetic if you didn’t already know. If you use a strong magnet (like a neodymium magnet) over the coin, you might tell if you have the real deal. Simply hold the coin at 45 degrees. If it’s genuine, the magnet should gently slide off the coin down to the bottom.