A Few Fun Facts About Human Life

a fun fact about human life

The one thing that is amazing about life is the way that we do things. That is the manner in which we do things can easily be calculated. Moreover, when the numbers add up, the result is both alarming as well as funny. That is why today we took a look at some fun facts about human life.

Fun Facts about Human Life

If you thought that you yawned a lot, then you haven’t even started. This is because the average human will yawn approximately 250 000 times in the course of their life. With that being said, you still have many yawns to go.
Do you ever wonder why people always say that you are glowing? Well, that is because the human skin will completely replace itself 900 times a year. No wonder we have days that we are totally glowing and days when we look like completely different people altogether.
We are so attached to our mobile phones. So much such that a study indicates that, the average human being will spend at least 5 months of their life on their phone. That is longer than some relationships that people have in their lives.

interesting fact about human life
Facts About Human Life

If you a fan of being alone, we think that, you had better try to change that. Why? This is because it is said that people with many friends live 3.7 years longer than those that are isolated. Apparently being around your friends is good for you.
Since we are about to enter into the month of love, we thought that this would be a nice fun fact. Apparently, the average person spends about 2 weeks of their life kissing. Doesn’t sound like a lot of time, does it?
An average man will in his life spend at least 6 months shaving. That is a lot of time for one man to spend shaving.
If you thought that the time women take to get dressed was long, it is not even the half of it. That is because an average woman will spend at least a year of her life deciding on what to wear.