Greatest Gambling Movies Of All Time

21 The movie

Movies are as entertaining as gambling. Its no wonder we have so many gambling movies. Gambling on its own is amazing, imagine how awesome it is when you add it to a movie? This will give you the ultimate entertainment set, gambling movies.


21 is one of the most entertaining gambling movies of all time. Based on a true story, the movie looks at a gambling scheme gone wrong. An M.I.T student who needs money to pay for his tuition gets the chance to raise the funds himself. Sounds motivational until you find out the solution was in counting cards in blackjack. The movie takes the audience on the student’s journey and the consequences of counting cards.

Oceans 11 (2001)

Oceans 11There is no way you can rob a casino and get away with it, except of course if you were in Oceans 11. 11 men and Julia Roberts set out on a mission to rob a casino. The amazing part is that they actually got away with it. We start to wonder what the scriptwriter had in mind when they wrote the script. If you haven’t watched it, the movie is a must watch.

Rounders (1998)

Everything was going well until his friend got released from prison. He was a law school student who had a bright future ahead of him. And he let it all go to help his friend get a few dollars. Rounders is a compelling story that focuses on the love of gambling and the extents that one would go to help their friend.High Rollers

High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story (2003)

Based on another true story is the movie High Roller: The Stu Unger Story. The movie focuses on the rise and fall of a poker legend. Unlike others, Stu Unger had a gift for cards. He was like the fortune teller for cards.