Interesting Gambling Facts

Gambling Facts interesting facts

Gambling has a long history. Moreover, it is this history that we have so many gambling facts. Some of which may be fascinating others just absurd. While some of these facts will definitely teach what to do and what to do as you gamble. On that note, allow us to look at some fascinating gambling facts embedded in history.

Fascinating Gambling Facts

The Fed-up Wife

A woman who was fed up with her husband’s gambling, went and bought a ticket to show him gambling was no good. However, the ticket that she bought won her $1 million. Therefore, we are not sure if her lesson was worth it after all.

Gambling to Save your Company

Gambling has and always will be a risk. This is as one is ever guaranteed to win. However, despite all this, people still gamble. On that note, in the early days of FedEx, the CEO took the last of the company’s funds that amounted to $5 thousand. He then went to Las Vegas, where he gambled with them and win $27 thousand by playing blackjack. This he did to cover the company’s $24 thousand fuel bill. As we said, it is a risk, and like any other risk, it does pay off at times.

Gambling Facts interesting facts
Gambling Facts

Why we Need Mathematics

Most states are not for their citizens’ gambling. By gambling, we mean all sorts of gambling. That is why in Canada, those who win at sweepstakes have to answer a math question to claim their winning. This is to keep it from being said to be gambling or a game of chance. Talk of some wagering requirements that we need to through.

The Gambling Grize Goes To…

If you thought that South Africans gambled for real money, then we need to revise that thought. The Australians actually lose more money per capita to gambling than any other nation.

The Real Gamble

The World Cup fever will be there whenever the Tournament is to be held. On that note, in 2014, Singapore’s anti-gambling agency was looking for ways to leverage the world cup fever. They then released an advert showing a worried kid telling his friend that his father had bet all he had on Germany winning the World Cup. Well, Germany won.