Having a Good Time in South Africa During Winter

South Africa’s winter has not been kind in recent years and we are sure this year will be no different. But no matter how cold it gets in South Africa, the fun never stops. So from South Africa’s leading online casino, here a few things to do in the cold that will ensure that you and your crew continue having a good time this winter.

Whale Watching

Get a few sets of binoculars with your friends and go whale watching. Yes, said it, whale watching. Just an hour’s drive from Cape Town is Hermanus. Here hundreds of Southern Right Whales make their way to the cooler South African waters. So why not go a glimpse of a few whales with your friends and scratch that from your bucket list. Just in case you guys feel like the bay is too far, get a boat to see the majestic creatures.

Sardin Run

Hope you and your friends have a few cooler boxes with you, cause here is the sardine run. This amazing spectacle happens along the beaches KwaZulu-Natal. Scores of sardines move in bands so close to the coast to spawn in the cool waters. Among these sardines is the South African Pilchard, now we sure you know what the cooler box is for.

Winter Safari

Winters are rather dry in South Africa, which means less water. Which also translates to an excellent time to go on safari. Since the water is scarce, animals crowd at the watering holes to get a drink. Which means you and your friends just might be lucky and take a selfie with an antelope. Take a drive to the Kruger, Madikwe, KwaZulu-Natal and Pilanesberg game park and try it.

Relax at Home

After all this, up and down business a good relaxing session at home will help. So take time to just chill with your friends after a long day. Want to really have a good time indoors, make sure that they log in to Punt online casino and play a few real money online casino games. Who knows, one of you guys just might be lucky end the day a jackpot winner. It does not get any gooder than that.