Headlines that left South Africa Amused

People do odd things around the world, that much we know. But do you know that fellow South Africans do even weirder things? Well, just in case you don’t believe us, here a few headlines that left South Africa amused and shocked.

Clever Rats

The Headline reads: “Rats that know how to operate the stove and make food for themselves spotted in Alexandra”. We do not know when this was, but what we do know is that those are some pretty clever rats in Alexandra. They deserve a movie don’t you think, “Rise of the Planet of the Rats”, maybe?

National Anthem Tiring….

A headline a few years ago read, “Brazilian National Team announce that they played horribly because they were exhausted from singing their national anthem”. In their defense, their national anthem is rather fast.

Shadow Thief

This headline was spotted a while back, “Criminal in Limpopo Arrested for Stealing People’s Shadows”. We are sure it wasn’t in the literal sense, but you need to read the story to find out what really happened. And how they managed to catch the thief. But just in case the criminal really did steal people’s shadows, we wonder how they gave them back to the owners.

headline, so hot chickens laying boiled eggsBoiled Eggs…

Most people love boiled eggs. This is because they are healthy. We are also sure that they prefer them boiled with water on the stove. This is why the people from Limpopo were not so pleased with the heat. And the news caught wind of it; the headline was as follows, “People in Limpopo complaining about the heat. They say it’s causing their chickens to lay boiled eggs”.

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