A Look into the History of Women and Gambling

women and gambling

Yes, women gamble, maybe not as much as men, but they still love gambling just as much. Women and gambling go way back. There is a common belief that women do not love gambling, we do not know where it came from.

History of Women and Gambling

Women have always been involved with gambling. Be it in roulette or blackjack. There has always been a woman somewhere in the scene. And this was before the advent of online gambling when they actually had to go the brick and mortar casinos to gamble. Imagine now with online casinos, how freely they can gamble even in the comfort of their homes.

Back in Rome….

Back in Rome, women actively took part in gambling.  Gambling was part of the Roman civilisation. They even had a goddess of luck, Fortuna. With women allowed in the gambling arena, men actually enjoyed having to go up against women in a fair setting like a gambling house. Where both the men and the women had the same probability of winning.

The Faro Ladies

History of women and gamblingIn the 18th century in England gambling in public was no longer permissible for aristocratic ladies. As a result, women opted for gambling at other social events that did not have gambling as the key focus like musical concerts and amateur theatricals.
It was at this time that a group of women become very popular for their faro tables. Faro being a French gambling table game. These games ran throughout the night. Mrs. Albinia Hobart, Lady Sarah Archer, Mrs Concannon among others became very popular with the press because of the Faro Tables.

Women and Gambling

Apparently, women and gambling do share a long and complicated history. So for all the women out there, if you want to gamble, go ahead. No one will judge you, not in this day and age anyway.