The Importance of Communication in Any relationship

how to engage in effective communication

The majority of relationships fail because there is a lack of communication. This can be people who fail to express what they feel or people whose actions have been misinterpreted. Communication can be verbal and nonverbal. However, both are hazards to relationships.

Why is Communication Important?

As aforementioned, communication can be verbal and nonverbal. In addition, in most cases, no verbal communication is misinterpreted. Therefore be careful to avoid such, it is important to say what they feel when they feel it. You will avoid many problems by so doing.
This is especially true for people who are in relationships. Be it whether the relationship is termed stable or not, there will always be the need to communicate.

how to engage in effective communication

How to Communicate Effectively

It is one thing to be able to communicate, it is another to communicate effectively. Here are a few tips to consider when you want to communicate effectively.

  • Keep comfortable eye contact with the person that you are talking to. This will show that you have their full attention.
  • Lean towards the person and make gestures with your hands. By so doing, the person will see that you are indeed listening.
  • Be relaxed, this will show that you are at ease and feel comfortable with the person that you talking to.
  • Face the person, just like with keeping eye contact, this shows that they have your attention.
  • Be at the same level as the person. By so doing, you give the suggestion that they are your equal. Some postures can give out the feeling of belittling someone.
  • Mind the tone of your voice. The manner in which you respond can directly affect the way in which a person views you.
  • As you mind your tone, make sure to mind your emotions as well. If you feel mad or angered, take a few minutes before you address the issues. This will make sure that you avoid saying what should not be unsaid.