Joke of the Month

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With so many funny jokes, we don’t even know even know how comedians do it. How do they select that this joke is funnier than the other one? Or do they have some sort of device that measures the funniness of a joke, who knows? Here are a few jokes that had people cracking with laughter in the month of June.

The Competition

Far, far, far away, even further than Kuvikiland, there was a competition. All the top archers and shooters of the world were invited to this completion. The prize to be won was the title of Best Marksman in the World. And of course a substantial amount of riches. William Tell and Robin Hood were among the shot
An apple was placed on the head of a young man, the archers and shooters were told to aim at the apple. William Tell went first, and his arrow hit the bull’s eye. And he said, “I am William Tell”, the crowd went crazy.
Robin Hood went second. He shot his arrow straight through William Tell’s arrow. And he said, “I am Robin Hood”.  The crowd went wild.
Then a strange fellow went third, he had a gun. He pulled the trigger and shot the young lad in the forehead. And he said,” I am Sorry”.

Kicked Out of the World Cup…

Score Line Reads: Germany 0 – South Korea 2!
Here are few comments that followed soon after…
Germany final 16, Dololo!
germany outCommentators: “What would the final 16 be without Germany?”
Brazil: “Fine, just fine…..”
Sjava: “Impilo kumel’iqhubeke…”
Passenger: “And Germany Let It Go…”
Gloria Gaynor: “They will Survive…”
Taylor Swift: “Shake it off, shake it off…”