Are you a Leader or a Boss?

leader vs boss

Most of the times the words “leader” and “boss” have been used synonymously, even though they mean two totally different things. Even in the workplace, people always refer to those in authority as “boss”. It very rare to find subordinates referring to those in senior positions as leaders.
It is, however, key to note that, a leader inspires and motivates colleagues to do better, whereas a boss doesn’t care much for their colleagues. So the big question of the day is, “Do you have a leader or a boss?” Or rather, “Are you a leader or a boss?”.

A leader

leader vs boss
Says “We”- Moves as a single unit with the team
Is focused on people- Is concerned about your well being
Is your teammate or colleague- You work together as a team
Thinks Long Term- Has a vision and mission to keep their team going and move forward.
Says “Let’s Go”- You work together.
Willing to learn- Accepts advice from his colleagues.
Encourages- Motivates their team to do better.
Recognises natural gifts- Seeks your true potential.
Coaches- Helps you to achieve greater results.
Reveals Vulnerability- Shows that they too are human.
Listens then speaks- Allows the team to voice their opinions.

A Boss

Says “I”- Always wants to take command.
Criticizes- Always to find fault in your work.
Directs- It’s either their way or the highway.
Defends Their Ego- Wants to seem like there are invulnerable.
Talks more than they listen- Always wants his word to be law.
Takes Credit- Even if their team does all the good, he wants all the glory for himself.
Inspires Fear- Wants their authority to be felt.
Uses People- Sees their team as work utensils.
Impersonal- Doesn’t care much about their team.
A Know it all- Always wants to be right.
Demands Results- Always wants the work done regardless of the situation.
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