Lies Men Tell to their Wives, Girlfriends

Picture written Lies men tell

A while back we chose to decipher the lies that women tell. And to even the odds, today we want to look at the lies men tell. And maybe at the end of the day, we settle the battle of the sexes, or we can see who the worse liars are. But hey, we won’t be giving any awards for this though.

Lies Men Tell

Picture written Lies men tell“I’ll just put the tip”- When your man wants it he wants it bad. So if he tells you that he will just put in the tip, we can guarantee you that it’s a lie. 4 rounds later you will be wondering if that was still the tip.
“She is just a Friend”- Works just the same way as he is just a friend. So ladies for this one we will let you be the judge.
“Be home in 5 minutes”- This lie is equal to “I will be ready in 5 minutes”. So well, you know what we mean.
“I need my Space”- After dating for 31/2 years you need space? If you say so, but all that time you didn’t need space? What can we say though?
“No network coverage”- He will switch off his phone just because he knows that you are looking for him. And then what will he say, “I didn’t have network”. And trust you me, he will look so honest and so dismayed.
“I want to watch you sleep the whole night”- We are sure if your man really does this, but since you will also be asleep, you have no proof. But you are really lucky if he does watch you sleep though.
Money Lies- With this one we couldn’t really find the right statement, as there are too many of them. This one is usually common when he is asking a lady out, he will tell you he has so much money. And you only realize later that this was a strategy to lure you in.
Your Take?
So what’s your take on the lies that men tell as compared to the lies that women tell?
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