Can you Marry an Online Casino?

“You may now kiss the bride online casino…”married to an online casino
To write such an article we need the backing of the world,  just in case people tend to think that we are crazy.

What is Marriage?

Who are we to judge who and what someone loves? Marriage is the union of spouses, in a relationship recognized by the law (Merriam Webster). Nowhere does it say that it has to be between a man and a woman.

What Other People Married…

Married to His Smartphone

Ever heard about quickie marriages which happen in Vegas?  Allow us to break it down for you just in case you haven’t. In Las Vegas, you can marry a person within seconds of meeting them. The case of Aaron Chervenak from Los Angeles is slightly different because in 2016 he married his iPhone. The ceremony was held at the Little Vegas Chapel in Nevada. Cute right, to make it all look perfect, the iPhone was dressed in a white cover.

Self-love 101

Not sure if can say that this vanity or self-love, anyways Desiree Longabaugh married herself. After going through a painful divorce she decided to marry the only person who would not hurt her or leave her heart broken, herself. Desiree changed her name to Beautiful Existence and tied the knot in 2015. Attended by her three close friends, the ceremony was held in Paris.

Married to a Video Game Character

Nene Anegasaki is the perfect definition of a lady. The only catch is that she is a video game character. This did not stop a 27-year-old man from Tokyo from marrying her. The wedding was in 2009 and witnessed by millions on the web.

An Online Casino Marriage

With all this happening it is not surprising that one of you will try to marry Punt Casino. And we might not refuse, in fact, we might actually be flattered.