Why the Multipliers?

Picture of multipliers on Bubble bubble slot

There is so much to learn as you play online slots. This is because the games do come with a lot to them as well. Part of the features that come with online slot games includes multipliers. We are sure that as you play the games you have come across. They are a part of the signature move of RealTime Gaming online casino slot games.

Picture of multipliers on Bubble bubble slotWhat are multipliers?

Multipliers are special features that come with online casino games. The reason why we say that they are special is that they carry with them the power to increase your winning by great amounts. Multiplier acts like the genie that grants punter wishes as they play. What they do is multiply your wins by 2; 3; 4; 5 or even 100x your bet size. This all depends on the game that you are playing of cause.

Types of Multipliers

There are several different types of multipliers that you will find as you enjoy online slots. For this article, we will, however, focus on wild and scattered multipliers.
Wild: Many wild symbols double up as suppliers. In any of the RTG games, they also complete any winning combination. Therefore meaning that the wild will multiply for that symbols that it has completed the win for.
Scattered Multipliers: The scatter may in some cases be a multiplier as well. With the scatter, it does not have to be on a winning line as its effects can be felt anywhere on the pay lines.

Bonus and Free Spins

There are some cases where the multiplier will appear during the free games or the bonus games. While in some games, it will appear during the base game. In the cases, where it does appear during the base games, in the bonus games and the free spins are slightly higher.