Must-Eat Foods From Around the World

Moules Frites are one the must-eat foods in the world

The New Year is almost here! With a New Year comes a new bucket list. If travelling around the world is one of your to-dos this coming year, then you’ll love this post! There are a lot of iconic foods across the globe. As you travel, make sure you carry your mobile device so you can play at your mobile casino. Also, don’t forget to try these must-eat foods from around the world.

Must-Eat Foods From Around the World

Below, we list those iconic foods that you must try. We hope you’ll love them!

Australia: Meat Pie

Aussies love their meat pies! Annually, they consume millions of the “precious food”. Whether on the go, at restaurants or at home, this is kind of a staple food. They have it with tomato sauce, chilled or warm.

Belgium: Moules FritesMoules Frites are one the must-eat foods in the world

Fries and mussels are quite popular in Belgium. They are served plain, with curry or steamed. Be sure to give them a try.

Brazil: Pudim

This looks like flan but softer in texture. This dessert can be found everywhere. Simply ask.

Canada: Poutine

This dish consists if fries, gravy and cheese curds. An interesting fact is that there are over a hundred variations of this dish.

England: Steak and Kidney Pie

Lamb or pork kidneys make up this savoury dish. There is a factory-made version, which is cheap. On the other hand, the real version will cost you more.

Greece: Spanakopita

This Greek staple has been around for over 400 years. The savoury dish consists of spinach and feta. Every bakery in the country sells this.

Hungary: Goulash

This dish was made by “herdsman” (Goulash) during cattle drives. This meaty stew acquired its red colour when the Turks introduced paprika to Hungary. That was during the 16th century. Every September, there is an annual goulash festival.

Italy: Deep-Fried Olives

This dish originated in Ascoli-Piceno and has spread throughout Italy now. There are also many variations to the dish which you can even buy from street vendors.