Some of the World’s Oddest Jobs

professional snuggler in bed

Believe it or not, people do strange things out there in the world. And just to prove to you that we are telling the truth, today we will look at some of the world’s oddest jobs. Please note, these are jobs that people are actually paid to do and they do get quite the salary.

Chocolate Taster

Yes, you read it right, chocolate taster. You didn’t think that all those chocolates that are found in shelves in stores are just put there, did you? Leading chocolates manufactures hire people to taste their chocolates for them. This is done to differentiate the flavours of the chocolates.

Furniture Tester

Imagine earning big bucks just doing nothing? Yes, this is very much possible with a job as a furniture tester. All you have to is to just make sure that the furniture is comfortable. I think the taxis in South Africa need to hire people for this job.

Professional Snuggler

professional snuggler in bed

We know that sometimes getting a bae may be hard, so why not just look for a professional snuggler? This job simply snuggling with someone. Whether you two want to talk or not can be arranged in the terms and conditions.

Water Slide Tester

If you hate getting your hands your dirty then this is the job for you. Well, you will have to get quite wet, but we are sure that it beats getting dirty. Professional water slide testers check to see if a water slide is safe. And what better way to this than by trying out the slide first? Even though you may break a hand or two, the job comes with quite a huge sum on insurance.

Game Tester

Games are not just released into the market. They have to be tested to see if they are fun and enjoyable. This is how we manage to have such amazing online games like Bubble Bubble, Achilles, Snowmania, Sweet 16 and other great slots at S.A’s Leading online casino, Punt Casino.