South African One Hit Wonder Artists

One hit wonder is a term referred to people to where famous for but a split second and then vanished. The term is usually used in the music industry. There are so many artists whose songs made up the majority of playlists back in the day. However, today we sit and wonder where they are.

One Hit Wonder Artists

Sister Betina-Marigambe

The song became a hit the moment it was released. In 2017 it even had a challenge for itself. That was despite the fact that the song dropped in 2006. Marigambe really rocked the whole of Mzansi with this track. However, what happened to him after that? There are a few stories stating that he will back in the industry soon, but we are not sure if this one hit wonder will have much of an impact anymore. Besides, Sister Bettina can still be heard in many households today.

Xigubu- DJ Ganyani ft FB

Xigubu: One hit wonder

We all know that DJ Ganyani is definitely still got somewhat of an act in the industry, however, can that also be said for Fiests Black? Xigubu released in 2013 was a track that was loved by the whole of S.A even crossing the borders to the rest of the Southern African countries. Fiesta on the other hand despite this track hasn’t been seen anywhere in the music industry since then. Allow us to then term her a one-hit wonder.


The was a female trio that released the hit song, Indaba. The song totally took Mzansi by storm. It was being sung by everyone, by toddlers all the way to adults. This was because the message of the song was powerful. This was back in 2007. From then, however, we haven’t heard much from the trio, making them another group on the S.A one hit wonder list