Myths Associated With Online Gambling

myths associated with online gambling

You know something is popular when people start cooking up myths about it. What are myths, well, these are just glorified lies. And today, we will look at some popular online gambling myths.

#1 Online Gambling Encourages Underage Players

While this myth might true for other nations, in South Africa this is not the case. Online casinos like Punt Casino go to great lengths to make sure that all the gamers are of the legal age. And with so many security checks, the slightest lie can get you caught. So might as well wait till you are of the legal age to gamble. It won’t hurt.

#2 Playing Online Casino Games Can Make You Go Broke

Trust us on this one, this is a lie. This is because many online casinos have measures to help players stay well within their gambling budget. A number of online casinos have the option where players can set an amount that they want to gamble with, and once that amount is reached, that’s bye-bye to online gambling for a set period of time.Onlline gambling myth, payout

#3 Online Casinos Don’t Pay

If you have been playing at a real money online casino that doesn’t pay you, we suggest you switch to playing with Punt Casino. As South Africa’s leading casino, they do pay, as long as you win, they will pay up.

#4 Good Luck Charms Can Help You Win

Ehhhh….We would love to tell you to stop but…  Let us tell it you straight up… Whatever activates your luck, keep doing it!

#5 Online Casino Games are Rigged

This is another lie. Online casino games are not rigged. The winning combinations are generated by a Random Number Generator. Meaning to say not even the online casino has a clue about who is going to win and when.