The Art of the Poker Bluff

Poker is a card game that can be enjoyed both online and with some friends. Since we getting to the weekend, why not enjoy a game of poker with friends? It is an amazing way to spend time with your friends and you just might win some money out of it. However, if you really want a win at a game of poker with your friends or family, you will need to learn about the poker bluff. Since we brought it up, allow us to tell you all about it and how it can help you win.

What is the Poker Bluff?

A poker bluff is simply an act of deception. Basically what you will need to do is look and act like you have a better hand than everyone. In order to be able to pull this off, you will need to have few tricks up your sleeve.

the best poker bluff
Poker Bluff

How to Pull off the Best Poker Bluff


For starters, you need to know the people that you are playing with. By this, we mean you need to be able to guess how your friends or family will react.

The Look

Your image as you play will also be important. Ever heard of the song Poker face by Lady Gaga? A line from it goes; “you can’t read my poker my poker face.” In order for you to pull off the poker bluff, you need to have that unreadable poker face.

The Sitting Position

Another thing that you will need to pull off the perfect poker bluff is the position at the table. You need to be in place where you can see the reaction of the other players. Furthermore, more when you do make the bluff, your opponents will keep checking you to try and to read you. Meaning that you should not let that poker face go.

Bet Size

Players will also need to consider the bet size. Ideally, you will need to bet the least amount in order to get your opponents to fold.