Responsible Gambling

As much as we love gambling, it is very important to gamble responsibly. As South Africa’s top online casino, we aim to give you, as our clients the best service the gaming industry has to offer. We do this by providing advice to ensure that you gamble responsibly.

 Bank Roll

In order to gamble responsibly, players need to have a bankroll. This means that as a gambler, you need to have a specific amount that you reserve for gambling and not go beyond that amount. This can be a weekly or a monthly amount. By having this amount, it is easier to lay out your budget for the month. It is also very wise not note that You Should Never Gamble What You Cannot Afford to Lose.

Set a Time Limit

It is very important that as a gambler you set a time limit. Regardless of the fact that Punt is available 24/7, you need to have specific times to gamble. For instance, no gambling during important meetings and when driving. Set a specific time when you can gamble daily. A time that will not interrupt with your daily schedule and reduce normal performance.

Gambling is not a way of making money

As gamblers, it is key to note that gambling cannot be used as a way of making money. Don’t get things wrong, you can make money in gambling, a lot actually, but you need to have another means of income. As a punter, you cannot depend solely on winning the jackpot.

Have a Social Life

We know you love gambling, but it is also healthy to do other things apart from gambling. Go out with your friends; spend time with your family or just spoil yourself. It is alright to log out once in a while and take a breath of fresh air. We actually recommend taking a break, as it is healthy, and a healthy gambler is a happy gambler.