Meme’s in South Africa

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Memes have become a big thing on the internet. They have no academic traits attached to them. Rather it is an internet culture that has just gone viral. It started off with creative internet users who made jokes about life and events happening around them.
According to Dawkins R (1976) in his book The Selfish Gene, a meme is rooted in the evolutionary biology. A meme is a unit of cultural transmission or imitation. Viral images where attached to viral statements or captions to make the joke more lively. Could this be the advancement of jokes?

Why Meme’s

This is a question often asked but with no one to answer. This is despite the fact that memes bring humour and have become the game changers on the internet as far as jokes are concerned. Memes have become a new way of addressing issues that are affecting the people but in a more hilarious way.
In South Africa, meme’s are the voice of the people, whether in political issues or social issues. 2017 is a good example of a phase that South Africa went through when they used meme’s when the former president Jacob Zujacob jokesma refused to step down as president.
A local celebrity Bonang Mathebe got into a scandal with the gay icon Somizi. After she published her book, Bonang, became the face of all meme’s during that period.
Memes are now the fastest means of spreading information, as the ordinary writing has lost its touch and memes have taken over. Memes have also become the new way to shine a light on the injustices that are going on world over.

Should meme’s continue to be an internet culture?

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