Fighting the Good Fight

The phrase can generally mean anything really. For starters, often fights are connected to something that is bad or aggressive behavior. A thing that very few want to be associated with. But have you ever considered that some fights are for a good cause?
Angelina Jolie's visit in Somalia
World over there are people suffering. Somalia has been one of the nations in need of help and assistance for many years. Many people and organisations have played their role in fighting this good fight in Somalia. Great people like Angelina Jolie, Alicia Keys among others have managed to be part of this movement.

Mandela’s Good Fight

Nelson Mandela is one icon who is internationally recognized for fighting the good fight. He spent 27 years in prison for trying to end apartheid. Often, people remove those in power only to put their own laws that will work in their favor and suppress those who oppressed them.
Mandela turned the tables. He did not want to suppress the white people in his land but wanted equality throughout the world. He was known for making peace between people of all color and race. This surely marked the beginning of a new era world over. Because of this, he lived the rest of his life being celebrated.
He taught the world that violence is not the only way. Rather he showed the rest of the world that there are multiple ways to fight without using force. It requires diplomacy, a good heart and most important patience is key.

Is Awareness a Fight?

fighting the good fight meme
Definitely, awareness is a fight. Universally, there has been an awareness of cancer.
People have joined hands every corner of the world to try and fight  this disease.
Sometimes it might not necessarily be you in a situation but the fact that someone else is suffering from that disease you fight for them, that’s what we call humanity.
Giving a helping hand is what defines us as a human being, advocating for the good is what keeps the world going.