The Science of Dreams

a person sleeping and having a dream

Dreams are odd and fascinating things. One of the human phenomena that science hasn’t fully understood. In their attempts to understand them, they came across these facts about dreams.

Fun Facts about Dreams

A fact about dreams
Facts about Dreams

You only see faces that you know: When you are dreaming you can only see faces that you know. This is because it is impossible for our minds to create new faces. Thus even when we fantasize, we can’t create a face. Our mind is incapable of doing such.
Not all dreams are in colour: This has nothing to do with technology, but everything to do with our minds. Research states that 12% of the people in the world actually dream in black and white. And it is perfectly normal.
Your mind is more active when you dream: Apparently when you are asleep only your body rests. This is because your mind is working. That is where all the dreams come from.
Dreams are your Subconscious: Most of the time when we dream we dream things that are in our subconscious. This is what in most cases results in what we dream about. The things that are in our minds or at the back of our minds.
Deja-vu– This is a feeling of having experienced something before. When something happens sometimes we feel like we have seen it before. That is deja-vu. And this may be something that we have seen in a dream before.
Sleep Paralysis: This one can be rather scary at times. This is when you feel like you can’t move in your dream. Like you are paralysed. It happens to most people from time to time.
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