A Tribute to The Modern Woman

the south african modern woman

Who is she?

The modern woman is a woman who is neither inferior nor superior to man. She is her own person, who does not need to be compared to a man. The modern woman is the woman who is not afraid to be by herself. This woman views her man as her partner and not as her walking stick.
This woman is able to do whatever she sets her mind to do. The modern woman knows what she wants and who she wants to be. She is a grandmother, a mother, an aunt, a sister, a friend, a wife and a lady all wrapped up in one.

a modern womanWhat is she?

The modern woman is not afraid to speak her mind. The woman in question is not afraid to stand up for her rights. This woman is simple yet sophisticated and gentle but firm. She wakes and faces the world every morning.
She may have slept with a tear in her eye, but you will never see her cry in public. The modern woman carries her family and her job on her shoulders. The mother who caters to everyone needs and the dutiful wife.
A modern woman is an inspiration to everyone around her. This woman is her families light in the darkness. She is her children’s first teacher. She is her husband’s strength and her in-laws greatest joy.

Her Characteristics

She is strong, kind, humble, caring and so much more. She is motivation, joy, patience and wisdom.  This woman is embroidered with grace. She is the Modern Woman.
Punt Casino wishes all the South African Women a Happy Women’s Day!