The Antman and The Wasp Movie Review

Antman and wasp movie poster

Antman and wasp movie posterMarvel has done it again. They have released another hilarious movie. It’s like our comfort food after watching Infinity War and shedding all those tears. Introducing the Ant-Man and the Wasp.

Marvel’s Heroes

We all loved AntMan in 2015. Even though we were all sceptical as to how we could have an ant as a hero, but we were pleasantly surprised and loved it all the same. We should give Marvel credit for giving us the most unlikely heroes ever. First, we had a giant green monster a.k.a the Hulk. Then Marvel gave us a man of iron, please do not get that twisted, it was Iron Man, not the Man of Steel. Then a tree became a hero, Groot. Alongside a talking Racoon. Now we have an ant and a wasp.

Critics and Rating

The movie hit the cinema’s on the 6th of July in 3D. And the critics have been talking like they will never stop.  They have termed the movie as “fun and but disposable, relying on charm, humour and Rudd’s performance in particular to overcome its story and number of subplots.”  IMBD has given the movie a rating of 7.8 out of 10. If it was Metric, that would be a B1, we take that as Pass, a good one at that.

The Plot

So we told you about the rating and the critic’s comments, how about we get into the plot of the movie. Our Ant-Man, Scoot Lang has to try and balance being a superhero and a father. This has never been easy, even though Clint Barton in the Avengers seems to do a very good job at it. Anyways, since all hero’s cant be Clint, Scott has a few challenges to face. Working alongside The Wasp, who is a lady, just in case you hadn’t heard, the two embark on a mission to uncover secrets from their past.