Play Banana Jones for Real Money or for Fun

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Banana Jones is a new and amazing video slot from leading casino game developers, RTG. The slot is not to be confused for Banana Joe, a sadly underrated comedy of the 1980’s. This Banana Jones is on a whole new level. Players in this game must help Banana Joe on his quest to save the world.  If it were a movie, Banana Jones would be the superhero and the players would be the sidekicks.
The plot is rather an exciting one. Players are to help Banana Joe obtain the Crystal Banana from the ancient Temple before it falls into the hands of his enemies. Banana Jones must face and defeat the notorious Leopold and the snakes. Players, please be warned, should Banana Jones fail his quest, it would result in the end of the world as we know it. Or at least you quest for real money prizes.


The game is totally different from all the other RTG games that you might have come across. That is because as much as this is an online slot, it’s a board game too. Banana Jones has 5 reels and multiple paylines. The game has a non-progressive jackpot that is 2 565x the players bet. The casino game is a snakes and ladders board game.
The game is played with 2 dice that has a dice range of 2-12, with a total of 5 dice rolls per bet. As players roll the dice a few of the symbols that they can come across include gemstones, dice, Banana Jones, the ancient temple, Leopold the leopard, snakes and vines. You were expecting snakes and ladders weren’t you?Banana Jones at Punt Casino

Winning Real Money on Banana Jones

Each roll of the dice brings the player and Banana Jones closer to completing the mission.  But just as it brings them closer to completing the task, it can also bring him closer to his demise. So players please tread carefully, the fate of the whole world lies in your hands.
The gambling game does not have any of the usual wilds and scatters, as it is a board game, but that doesn’t mean that players can’t still walk away with a token of appreciation from Banana Jones for their assistance.


As you roll the dice, and you are fortunate to land Banana Jones on the Treasure Wheel Head Field, the Treasure Wheel feature will be activated. This will trigger an extra spin on which you can win a cash prize. This is not all that the game has to offer, where would the fun be in just that? The quest continues as you navigate through the forest you will find out that there are bonus games that are on offer.

Bonus Games

The latest game has 2 bonus games that the players can enjoy. These are the Normal Roll and Crystal Banana Quest.
Normal Roll
Much like snakes and ladders, when Banana Jones lands on the head of a snake he is swallowed all the way down to its tail. And the ladders in the game are the vines, where Banana Jones can climb if he lands on one. Every symbol that is collected is tracked by the counter meter.
Crystal Banana Quest
The Treasure Wheel feature is triggered when Banana Jones lands on the Treasure Wheel. When this happens players receive an extra spin. And if they are fortunate, a few coins too.
The aim of the game is to get across the board since the Temple is at the end of it. When at the temple, players will see chests filled with fruit, they have to pick one. The fruit that players can select from include apples, bananas, pears, grapes and plums. Each fruit picked will be added on the Counter Meter. Each symbol has a value attached to it. So all the best in your quest.