Do we have Blinkers or Caution Lights?

People with blinkers on their eyes

Let’s first get to define what we mean by blinkers. These are sometimes called blinders and they are part of a horse tack. Because of these blinkers, horses cannot see behind them and in some cases even to the side. Now since that is out of the way, do we as human beings have blinkers? Factors that prevent us from seeing the things behind us as well as those beside us?

Could These Be Our Blinders?

Background: Home and Family

Our background shapes us into the people that we end up being. It is our background, coupled with our family that mold us into the individuals that we are today. However, despite the fact that these do mould us, could they also be our blinkers? Sometimes because of the family that you are born in, you do not do certain things. The sole reason for this being that you can’t see yourself doing it. As result, this can be said one of the blinkers that we have as human beings?

Friends and Family

People with blinkers on their eyes
People with Blinkers

The biggest blinker that we have as human beings is probably our family and friends. These are the people that we go to when we want to advice on anything. Therefore, by the words that they say, they may literally blind you from that which you wanted to do. Take for instance you want to play online casino games, and they are against it.

Is having blinkers bad or good?

The above mentioned are but a few of the blinkers that we have. However, is it really that bad to have blinders? These are the same factors that make sure that we do not make any mistakes in our lives. The above-mentioned work as our red robots as well as our speed humps. Therefore, it can be said that what they say and do is good for us.
On the other hand, they may just block you from the path that you wanted to take. Therefore, do we have blinkers? And if we do have them, are they good or bad for our growth as human beings?