Beat the Budget Blues

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budget budgetIt’s a new month, so this means imali ingenile. Schools are closed, so obviously on the warm days, the children would want to go to a theme park and have some fun. With the World Cup still on you want to have a few drinks with friends as you watch the game. Let’s not forget the spa treatments, we know this winter weather we need to keep our body warm. There are bills, taxes and insurance which also need to be paid. Not forgetting to leave out a few Rands for gambling at Punt Casino.  This spells out, new budget.

How to draft a budget

Step One

Write down all the factors that need financial attention. We advise that you start with the priorities and end with the options. Priorities include the bills, insurance as well as taxes.

Step Two

Estimate the costs of all these things, that is if the bills are not yet in. If the bills are already in, write down the cost next to the item. For the things that don’t have fixed prices like the number of drinks or the theme parks or that facial treatment, just estimate. This makes it easier to actually come up with the total cost for the month.

Step Three

Pay what can be paid. When it comes to the payment of bills, do not procrastinate. Just go pay as soon as possible. This instantly takes the burden off your shoulders and you don’t have to worry about it for the next 30 days. Whilst you are it, you might as well buy the groceries for the month and get it over and done it.

Step Four

Bill payments, check. Food, check.
Now you can see if the rest of the money is enough for whats left on the budget list. You can now have fun.  You can then negotiate with the kids when to go to the theme park. Call the guys over for a few drinks during the match. WhatsApp your girls and tell them that the spar date is set. If you want to earn some extra cash play online slot games at Punt Casino where you can win a Jackpot-sized prize.