Can You Count Cards at Online Casinos?

Counting cards at online casinos

In blackjack, there is tricky that is called card counting. This strategy has in land-casinos managed to help people get the best out of the casino. Therefore people wonder if they can use the same technique in online casinos.

Card Counting At Online Casinos

Over the years, players have managed to beat the casino by counting cards. Nowadays with online casinos, it seems to be a bit tricky. This is because unlike the live dealers at land-based casinos, the cards that are dealt with in online blackjack are randomly generated. This is thanks to the Random Number Generator that decides that outcome of the game. However, players have still attempted to count cards as they play at online casino. The question is, is this even possible or is ut a waste of time?

Reasons Why Online Casinos Immune to Counting Cards?

Counting cards at online casinos
Card Counting

As much as you would like to try card counting in an online casino, there are few reasons why this won’t work.

  1. Well-Shuffled Deck: Unlike in land-based where a dealer in your view shuffles the deck, in an online casino the deck is shuffled by a computer. This being the RNG as mentioned above, the program is made to specify the chances o players ever successful in card counting.
  2. Time Consuming: Another reason why one might fail at card counting in an online casino is that it is time-consuming. If you would attempt to count cards, you will end spending all the time trying to figure the card without enjoying it.
  3. Combined Effort: Card counting has and always will be a combined effort. That being said one cannot count cards alone. Therefore, if a player would want to count cards, they would need another player to help them. That would mean that two players are now playing the same game of online blackjack.