Gambling Phrases That You Should Not Believe

gambling phrases that are lies

In gambling, there are certain things that people want to believe to be. Such that believing these things has led to the fall of many great gamblers. You should not believe these gambling phrases. You see by believing these phrases you might lose a lot of real money.

False Gambling Phrases

“This dealer is bad luck”

This phrase is commonly used in live dealer casinos or while playing at a land-based casino. People who use this gambling phrase will be having a bad day as they gamble. Such that all the cards that they are dealt with come with nothing but bad luck. Therefore, they decide to blame the dealer since the dealer is the one who would have dealt the cards.

gambling phrases that are lies
Gambling Phrases

“Don’t play slots over the weekend”

Online casino slots games are probably the games that come with so many myths. One of those common myths is the gambling phrase that states that players should not play slots over the weekend. The reason why people say this is because players believe that the return to player rate is lower over the weekends.

“You are due for a win”

Another of the common gambling phrases that has destroyed countless punters is” you are due for a win.” players will be told this phrases after they have played at the casino for a while without winning. Therefore, they believe that their win is due. Due to this, they will play until they get the win that is said to be due.

“This slot game is hot”

After having played a round of progressive slot games, players tend to believe that a certain game is hot. Hot, is that the game will spill its jackpots soon. Because players believe this, they will keep on playing this game until it spills. However, in most cases, the slot game will spill its goodies.