What does your Favorite Colour say About You?

The image contains two women who are wondering what their favorite colors are.

We are all like different colours. And there is no sorting hat that states which colour should be ones favourite. It’s all in who we are.

What is your Favourite Colour?

Let’s take a look at what psychology concludes your colour says about you.

A girl who is painted with many colors
Choosing Your Color

Black: If Black is your favourite colour, psychology says that you are often artistic and sensitive.  And that you are careful with the details about your life. This means that do not easily give away information about yourself to others.
White: Those who love the colour white are often organized and logical. They love order and tend to avoid clutter in their lives.
Red: Fierce, confident and outgoing is what defines the personality of a person who loves the colour red. They live life to the fullest and set goals that they intend to achieve.
Blue: if you love the blue, you love peace and harmony. You are also reliable, sensitive and always think of others before self. You love to keep things clean and feel that stability is the most important aspect of life.
Green: If you have ever come across a person who is affectionate, loyal and frank, there is a 99.9% chance that they love green. Green lovers are also aware of what others think of them and their reputation matters to them.
Yellow:  Those who love the colour yellow love to learn and enjoy sharing knowledge with others. For them, finding happiness is easy and they tend to be people’s sunshine.
Purple: Artistic and unique is what you are if you love the colour purple. You respect people a lot, but you can be stubborn at times.
Brown: Stability is what you crave for if you love brown. You are a good friend and try your best to be reliable and dependable. Flashy and fancy stuff doesn’t catch your eye.

Colours and Online Casino Games?

Now, this makes sense as to why we love online casino games. The different colour schemes that they use on the online slots and online table games actually define who we are. Who knew, we for one would never have guessed.