The Difference Between Wants and Needs

wants vs needs

Wants and needs are terms that most people use interchangeably. These, however, mean two very different things. And because at most times, we tend to confuse these two terms a lot of things in our lives end up being confusing. No matter what you do you have to always ask yourself, is it what you want or what you need?
You will see that in time when you find out the difference between these two terms, a lot of things in your life will start making sense. And for those that do not make sense, cut them off.

wants vs needs
Wants Needs


What is a Need?

A need is a basic commodity that one cannot do without. Without getting what you need, it becomes nearly hard to live, let alone survive.

Examples of Needs

Science states that there are only four things that humans need to survive, and these are:

  • A roof above your head of shelter.
  • Enough food and water to stay healthy.
  • Comfortable clothes.
  • Basic health care and hygiene products.

What is a Want?

A want is basically a luxury. Something that you can honestly do without. Having it doesn’t affect anything in your life, other than your pride of course.

Examples of Wants

Wants are numerous. To name them all we would need hours and hours of time. But part of those wants include:

  • Fancy clothes to wear.
  • A mansion for a house to live in.
  • Buying cologne for R4000 and bathing cosmetics.
  • Drinking fancy liquors and wines.

At the end of the day

At the end of the day, all that matters is your happiness. So if you can afford the wants, just go crazy. While you decide on the needs and the wants, just log on to S.A’s #1 casino and play online games. We are sure you can agree that we all need some time to relax.